The OCS-R consists of a questionnaire, a manual, and an Excel file for analysis. The current version (1.06 as of April 2019) is available for free for any interested users. To be able to conduct the computer-assisted analysis of the questionnaire you need to have at least Excel 2010.


The PDF document includes all the questions of the two main modules and the three optional modules.


The manual contains all the information you will need to apply the OCS-R.


The observations gathered using the OCS-R-Questionnaire can be analyzed using an Excel file.

Important notes

  • If you experience problems downloading, printing or using the OCS-R, please feel free to send us an e-mail. We will try to help you as soon as possible!
  • The current version of the OCS-R is 1.06.
  • It depends on your security settings whether the Excel worksheet will work correctly. When opening the file for the first time, you may get a warning that the document originated from an online location in the header. You can only use the analysis when you click on „Enable Editing“.
  • If you have any difficulties using the Excel file above, please try using the following ZIP package:

    After downloading 'unpack' the ZIP file by double-clicking on it. You then get an Excel file that can be opened normally.